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Utah ranks 42nd in the nation for women’s political empowerment.

Let's change that, together.

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We believe in taking power & giving back.

Girls Lobby empowers high school girls to advocate for social issues and expand their leadership abilities to increase the number of women in government. 

  • Enables high-school girls to lobby during the legislative session.

  • Connects high-school girls to local civic engagement pipelines.

  • Welcomes all non-binary folk and girls of any political party.

Which program is right for you?

Foundations of Government Program

Designed to empower high school girls to learn about local, state, and federal systems of government and grow their civic skills. In partnership with the Utah Refugee Services Center (DWS).
State Legislative Program

Designed to empower high school girls to engage with the Utah state legislature during the legislative session from January to March through the development of lobbying skills. 

We're happy you're here, come say hi.

Learn more about who we are, why we started, and where we're going.

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