Girls Lobby curriculum teaches civics by doing. From speaking at hearings to publishing op-eds, girls will learn the ins-and-out of the Utah Legislature.  

During our 2021 Legislative Programwe will be using a revised, shorter (8 week!) curriculum. Girls will have the option of meeting on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening from 7-8pm. Our Program will run from late January to mid-March. COVID-19 permitting, we hope to bring participants to the Capitol during the Legislative Session so that they can experience the Legislature themselves!

We have also expanded our curriculum to include a new Local Politics and Grassroots course. This curriculum focuses on how participants can engage with their local government, providing instruction on topics like how to testify in a town hall meeting, how to plan a social media campaign, and how to execute an effective protest.

State Curriculum

Week 1: The Legislative Process

Week 2: Tracking Bills in the Utah Legislature

Week 3: Committee Hearings & Floor Debate

Week 4: Public Speaking & Meeting with Legislators

Week 5: Opinion Editorials & Policy Briefs

Week 6: On the Hill

Week 7: Beyond the Legislature

Week 8: Closing Social

Local/Grassroots Curriculum

Week 1: Basics of Local Government

Week 2: City Meetings and Policy Tracking

Week 3: Speaking at City/Town Hall Meetings

Week 4: Getting Your Local Government's Attention

Week 5: Getting Your Local Government's Attention Pt. 2

Week 6: Running an Effective Grassroots Campaign

Week 7: Engaging with Your State Government through Grassroots

Week 8: Closing Social