Girls Lobby curriculum teaches civics by doing. From speaking at hearings to publishing op-eds, girls will learn the ins-and-out of the Utah Legislature and how to share their voices.

Our state government program can be completed at any time during high school. Students can participate for more than one year, as well. After students have participated in at least one year, they also have the opportunity to return as a co-teacher for a new cohort or as a club leader at their high school. 

Girls Lobby is committed to giving back to our community and providing education and resources to youth from all backgrounds. In addition to the above classes, Girls Lobby has partnered with the Utah Refugee Services Center (DWS) to provide a class catered to refugee teens. The Girls Lobby 
Refugee Program is designed to teach youth about the foundations of local, state, and federal government and why their voices matter. We work to empower our refugee students and provide them with information and tools to help them succeed.


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