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Starting in 2021, Girls Lobby expanded our curriculum to include a new Local Politics and Grassroots course. This curriculum focuses on how participants can engage with their local government, providing instruction on topics like how to testify in a town hall meeting, how to plan a social media campaign, and how to execute an effective protest. Girls who take this class will be well equipped to get involved on any issue and effectively strategize their civic action. 

Local/Grassroots Curriculum ​Outline

Week 1: Basics of Local Government ​

Week 2: City Meetings and Policy Tracking

Week 3: Speaking at City/Town Hall Meetings

Week 4: Getting Your Local Government's Attention

Week 5: Getting Your Local Government's Attention Pt. 2 ​

Week 6: Running an Effective Grassroots Campaign

Week 7: Engaging with Your State Government through Grassroots

Week 8: Closing Social ​ ​

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