Since 2020, Girls Lobby has partnered with the Utah Refugee Center to provide a class specially catered to refugee students. While youth from any background are welcome in our State and Local courses, we recognize that newcomers to Utah may not have the same background in government that youth who have grown up here may have. 

Crafted and cotninually revised by our Executive Team, our refugee program focuses on Utah state government, while intermittently making connections to federal and local systems. With a focus on community connections and politial efficacy, we set girls up to successfully engage with government, community organizations, or their own local networks.


Our Refugee Program Director, a Sudanese refugee herself, actively supervises the course and ensures materials are interesting, accessible, and foster discussion and engagement. 

Earlier this year, Girls Lobby's refugee class was featured on an episode of PBS Utah's "More Than Half" podcast. You can listen below and check out more of PBS Utah's podcasts here

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