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Why Participate?

Young people don't need to be told that they can change the world. They only need to be equipped to! At Girls Lobby, we believe girls are powerful. However, this power is not justly represented in Utah politics. Our programs empower high school girls and gender-nonconforming leaders to engage with politics directly and make their voices heard. 
Registration for our 2023 Programs will begin October 1st. Please fill out the form below to indicate interest, and we'll notify you as soon as applications open.

Which Program is Right For You?

Foundations of Government Program

Designed to empower high school girls to learn about local, state, and federal systems of government and grow their civic skills. In partnership with the Utah Refugee Services Center (DWS).
State Legislative Program

Designed to empower high school girls to engage with the Utah state legislature during the legislative session from January to March through the development of lobbying skills. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Be a part of something powerful this legislative session.

Let's Stay in Touch

Interested parents, educators, and students can join also our mailing list using the form below.
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